Heart to Heart Ministries

A Hospice, Nursing home and Hospital Ministry Serving SE Michigan, NW Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois!!

What does discipleship mean to you and are you working for The Lord?

Everyone is called to serve or be Disciples. Yes that means you, now Jesus is the son of God He had disciples Follow Him ,Who did Jesus Learn from Where did his teachings come from God & Jesus passed it... Continue Reading →

What is the will of God and how can you be used for His Works to make a difference…

We all have one reason on Earth & to me I take it to heart the thing is Do you?, We are here for a short time but we have a purpose and that is to do for others, I... Continue Reading →

H2H Lifeline~ This life is not what it once was

I wanted to speak about Courage & the reason, I want to do that is because in the last few years this country & world has became more of a soap Oprah but in this life with uncertainty where do... Continue Reading →

Life Line to encourage your everyday life! Fear or Faith?

In today's world we all face fear right? But who can overcome fear? How does that happen? By trusting in God, and in the word of God. What does it say? That faith can move mountains & truly it does.... Continue Reading →

How do you keep your spiritual life going?

It does not matter what age you are. Obedience is key to your Christian Walk. That means you!  What are some of the things you do to have a great christian walk? John 14:15, 21 If you love me then... Continue Reading →

Why Jesus was born and sent to earth on Christmas Day and 13 reasons why…

  Many of you thought oh it would be just a message of a baby born to a lady named Marry who was a virgin & a Father & a Dad named Joseph But do you know the reasons for... Continue Reading →


Well after the next month we will be changing our newsletters to a new platform we will have Doctors Nurses & Pharmacy giving their input  to help those who are sick & those who are elderly live a better life... Continue Reading →

Where is the True Church? It’s in the Heart

Welcome to October’s Heartbeat lifeline news letter. We had talked about many changes in 2017 but we will be working out all the problems before that, it is a shock we are already in October the leafs will change &... Continue Reading →

The New Heartbeat Lifeline Newsletter coming in 2017

After a board meeting in July, I the chair & co-founder of Heart to Heart ministry’s & long thought after hearing the meeting & concerns of the board thought it would be good to change things for the better of... Continue Reading →

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