From the Heart

of the Pastor

In the Year of 2010

I have seen Many things in the Past Year that Really Got me to see How the World is Hurting and some of the people in it are hurt and do not know what way to turn or what way to Go.

As a Minister a Pastor and a chaplain i see Many Things that Really are Hard to Deal with i see Hurt Pain i see suicides i see Family’s Loos Loved ones i see Teenagers Take there Lives because of a bully or because of a break up with there boy Friends or girl Friends some of thees Suicides happen at a very young age like 14 !,

And i think to my Self Why why are they Taken there lives? why are they Hurting So bad? what can be so so Bad that they Take there on Lives ?

Why don’t they have Hope why Cant they see there is Hope in Jesus i don’t want to be the Pastor or Chaplain that’s Called After they Die i want them to Reach out to a Cop Firemen Dr Nurse Minister Chaplain Before it Happens There is Hope and any one that deals with this on a daily bases will Say the Same thing! !

(Look yes life Hurts but Life is Real!)

yes Bad Things happen but we can get through it taken a life is not a funny thing its real and its happening every day Every minute .

Look Friends its not just Teenagers its Grown ups,

yes that’s right a young man or women looses a job they feel there is not hope they take there lives,

I seen men with 3 to 4 Kids Good Jobs Good Homes, take the lives and leave Behind there wife’s and kids I have Seen Lady’s With Good Jobs kids and loving husbands Take there Lives  ! WHY I  Ask Why{?}

Look my Friends I’m going to be real with you and Blunt,

I HAVE BEEN THROUGH HELL in my Life but I’m still here! Life has not been a Bowl of Cherry’s!,

No it has Not,

It Has been Tough its been hard on me i lost Every thing at one time because of my Mistakes Does that mean because i made mistake’s or screwed up!

That i Take my Life No!

Why Because i know nothing that hurts can be that bad where you take your Own Life there is hope people and there is truth in what I’m saying !.

Look Yes Life is Real But Death is also Real  Look i have dealt with Major illness but because i feel there is no Hope does that mean i can just give up

(NEWS FLASH ) ………………..(NO )

The Lord Openeth the eyes of the blind; the Lord raiseth them that are bowd down the Lord loveth the righteous…..Psalm 146;8

The Lord is Good , a stronghold in the day of trouble and he knowith them  that trust in him ,…..Nahum 1 ;7

Through he fall he shall not be utterly cast down for the Lord upholded his hand …….Psalms 32;7

Look this year i seen it all yes it hurts what i have seen it takes a tow on me  but i have to be obedient to Jesus Help Him Help others  i seen Baby’s get Killed by there own parents i seen husband and wife’s take each others life’s  i seen suicides at the highest level .

::::::LOOK :::::::SEEK::::::: THE:::::LORD:::::::

JESUS::::: CAN::::HELP:::YOU::: OUT:::::::

OF:::::HARD:::::TIMES:::BAD:::TIMES:: THERE iS::::::HOPE:::::::::FOR:::::::US:::WHEN::::

WE:::::: ASK:::::::::THE:::LORD::JESUS:::::::

My flesh and my heart faileth but god is strength of my Heart and my portion for ever ………Psalms 73;26,

Look like i said i have seen a Lot in the past Year i know are Lord Jesus can Help any one that’s Hurting or in pain  there is Hope I’m living Proof been there done that Find Jesus But Most of all Find Hope Find Jesus,!

if you are Hurting that bad to take your life Call someone Now! Call me Call a Hot Line!

Just Call someone !

who can see you through

There is Hope Jesus is here Call Him ! NOW

This is From My Heart

Rev Jerry Lee Williams