Heart to Heart Ministry Breaking News

Rev Jerry Lee Williams & intern Pastor Daniel Miller&

Intern Pastor Louis Hornok Has more then Taken On at

least 90% of the Daily work of the Ministry and that

Blocks them from doing there Goals for the Ministry

We are ask not only asking for Finance Help which we

Deeply need But we are asking for Volunteer’s to Help

thees Three Men with the daily Operation’s of Heart

to Heart Ministry’s

Pastor William’s

not only does Ministry but is involved in other things

that takes time out of his life and has has failing

Health and needs Help

Rev Williams Job consist of Day to Day Operations

over seeing Big heart foundation making it that all

wheel chairs walkers and cans scooters get to others

he also over seas all ministry’s

Intern Pastor Daniel Miller

Has a Full Time Job on the Side  is working on his

Ordainment for ministry and also serves as vice president

of the board and has works hard on Website and taken

it on to help ministry with other things

intern pastor  Louise Hornack

Has been doing Nursing homes and Saturday Prayer

So the Ministry is growing it Moving but We are Truly

asking if you want to Volunteer there is many opening

right now

there is a seat on board open there is news letter team open

Please we here the Staff of Heart to Heart ask you to Help

us so we can Open are Time for Others the three men i put

on here are over whelmed but have a heart and love for

there work but need Help Even Jesus on Earth had his

disciple’s to Help him and work with Him

So if you Got time and a big Heart call the Ministry

or Email Daniel Miller at this email address or web sight

The Work of Heart to Heart is a Passion to thees Men

but in order for them to do there work they Need Your Help

Is that You?

Do you Want to Help ? Do you Care ? do you have Love

for Others? Do you Have the Time? Do you have that

Heart? Do you Want to Help Us Help others ?

If so Please Call Ministry or Email Daniel Miller

Do it today make a difference not Just for us but for your self