What You Can do to Change the World and Make it a

Better Place to live in


You are the light of the world, A city that is set on a hill cannot

be hidden Nor do they light a Lamp and put it under a basket

but on a lamp-stand and it gives light to all who are in the house,

Let your Light shine before men that they may see good works

glorify your Father in heaven


<><Matthew 5:14-16<><


I’m going to talk about what I have seen in this world for the last

49 years. Some sad, some happy, but one thing I will never ever

Forget That changed the face of this Earth that happened in the

late 60‘s I was just a kid and what happened in this world would

Change the setting of who we are today and Change us to treat

all the Same Respect all the same and to Love all the same. I

Remember being a kid and my dad put us on the floor of his tow

truck and as he was driving to my grandmothers house from the

east side of Detroit to her house in the west side there was a riot,

houses burning, and cars over turned. I was just a kid, and you

know I remember that as if it was yesterday.



Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament

and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars for ever and ever


<><Daniel 12:3<><



Let me say this when Jesus Came to this earth to die for our

sins it changed the World !



When Martin Luther King Spoke and Stood Up for Rights for

others it changed the world!



When JFK said don’t ask what the country can do for you but

what can you do for the country it changed the world



When Rosa Parks would not move from her seat on the Bus

it changed the world !



When Ronald Reagan Said Tear down that Wall it Changed the World



When the Challenger on January 28, 1986 Blew up after only a

1 minute and 23 seconds into the mission it changed the World!



When Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana on Monday 29th August

2009 at 8:00am to disasters all the way back in times Disaster’s

that took out lands country’s and took out lives that changed the World



When those Students shot out the columbine school and

killed many Students that changed the world



When preachers like Jim Jones and David Karesh said they

where God that Changed the world.


Only One man is God His name is Jesus



When the space shuttle Blew up again in mid 2000 that again

changed the world



When Other country’s try to take over there country’s like Iraq

that changed the world



When country’s try to start wars that changed the world



When terrorists tried to take down the world Trade towers in

92 and then done so in 9/11/2001

That changed the world




Why is it that when something happens we Help, we want to be

better, we make a difference and send Money but Then we soon

forget why Not help all the time instead of just helping at the time of a tragedy time



Think about that… We should be there all the time not just at times of Need!!!!!!!





If i spoke about every thing That changed the world i would be here

all day and this Story would not stop


But one thing about these events you knew what you where doing

how the world stopped to see these events take place you knew

what time of day it was and where you where. The world just seems

to stop for a moment when things Change the world



When the World Trade towers came down i was in a room full of

people with tears in their eyes!




Jesus changed the world and I now ask you to do the Same!!


And He said to them “Go out into all the world and Preach the

Gospel to every creature


He who believes and is baptized will be saved but he who does not believe

will be condemned And thees signs will fallow those who believe in MY

Name they will cast out demons they will speak in new tongues they will

take serpents and if they drink anything deadly it will by no means hurt

them thy will lay hands on the sick and they will recover So then after

the Lord spoken to them he was received up into heaven and sat down

at the right hand of God And they went out and preached everywhere the

Lord working with them and confirming the word through the

accompanying signs AMEN


<><Mark 16:15-20<><




if i put every verse ill be up on this computer for days so if you like what

I’m saying about God changing the world and you helping him do it God

created this world for you to learn on !

Read these verses Below



Acts 1:8


Luke 4:18


Mathew 16:18-19


Hebrews 11:1to3-33-34


1 John 46:16-17


Mathew 28;19-20




Like i have said i have seen more then my fair share of bad, i have seen

pain hurt anger and every thing Satan planed on doing. He does not care

about YOU nor does he care about the world .


That Again is why Jesus Came to save the earth. To Die for you and me

so that we can be part of a better world with Him.



Greater works than these he will do because i go to my father






A New commandment I give to you that you LOVE one another as I have

Loved you that you also love one another By this all will know that you

are my disciples if you have love for one another


<><John 13:34-35<><




Look the world is real Yes Wars happen Death happens

but what can You do to Make it a Better world what can You do to make a Chang!???


you seen on the top of some that made a deference in this world what they

did to help Change the World remember there was more then i put down

on sight i just do not have the time or space to put all of those who made a difference


If you look at the Bible many Disciples made a difference Noah’s ark

Moses David on and on



Question ?????????????????????????????????????????????


What have you done to make a Change in the world i my self had reached

out as a minister, chaplain, and emergency responder and more so i can

make this a better world to be a part of a better word to share Gods love and grace




Have you done something to Chang the world?



Can you do something to Chang the world ?






Yes every one can that’s what make it a better World we just cant see it OPEN your eyes

Wake up make a difference in to today’s world!



When My father Jesus Calls me Home i have one legacy to leave behind and

that’s to Help others in this world to Know God to Help others as God has

Helped me to Lead others to Jesus as i been Lead to our father.


But most of all to live on this earth knowing i was part of a Change in the

world to make it a better place so take advice from me leave that Legacy Behind




For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever

believes in Him shall not perish but have ever lasting Life


<><John 3:16<><



we are all put on this earth for a reason i feel my reason to be on this earth

was to do for others& Learn & to make a Chang in this world as many of my for-fathers has,


I look at the JFK Marten Luther’s that Died to Help Chang this World they

Made a stand as Jesus Did when he Gave His life for us



I Rev Williams want to be Like Jesus and those who stood for what is right for

this world and what is right for others


Rosa parks and many More that stood tall to make this a Better World


But you know the reality is that we are to selfish to do like they did we are so

self absorbent and it always about are self, that’s sad to see we have became like that !


i made that mistake once in my life i don’t want to make it again


I have changed and you can too



I Want to be Like those who stood UP and More then all i Want to be Like

Jesus Christ my Lord to make this a better world for you and Me



Some times thinking about this world I Open my eyes and i need to write about

it so read what i wrote and use it for Good not bad there is way to many bad

in this world at this time do good for the world make a change


Thank you

Rev Jerry Lee Williams

Sr Pastor of Heart to Heart Min