After a board meeting in July, I the chair & co-founder of Heart to Heart ministry’s & long thought after hearing the meeting & concerns of the board thought it would be good to change things for the better of the Ministry & one of the changes will be made to the Heart Beat Newsletter.   So in January 2017 you will see a new look a new Title & will be going electronic to save cost. I had did research to see what nursing homes  will Be getting newsletter & what nursing homes will not No Longer will Get them those Nursing homes that are empty every month will keep getting them.   So we will cut from 17000 in paper to 1000 We have many Ministry’s like the senior call center the big heart foundation & the K9 Compassion team will do a peace every month to tell you the importance of their ministry’s & where they are going & what we are doing one of the reasons we have to make this change is due to the lack of funding coming into ministry & we have No power over that So we asked you to continue your support for are ministry’s No one ever likes changes but sometimes they need to be made,     Again this starts January 2017 I myself will do a small part called from the Heart reflecting on God’s word

Now From the Heart

How do we restore peace on this earth? God I got to say it seems we are falling apart in this world Today & it brings uncertainty to the world the killing of police officers the riots are going on the protest Hear me when I say this if we do not restore unity things will fall apart faster than you think we are all one Child under God that means Color does Not matter

Romans 5-1

Since we have been justified through faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

What we are seeing going on today is not justified when you have Organization’s shooting peace officers & peace officers is in the Bible as peace officers  We need to unite then to Go to the Blame Game. Hear me now this is importing to the upcoming generations.

Psalms 85-8

I will listen to what God the Lord will say he promises peace to his people.

I said many times what I say I’m a straight shooter

Some of the organization’s & some churches are behind protest like Jackson Sharpton how does that Help us it does not it Hurts us. I will not lie I say it the way I see it & those to that I talked about are paid to protest Let me ask you Did Marten Luther King Do that (NO)  so why is it being done Now ?

Psalms 119-165

Great peace have they who love your law and nothing can make them stumble.

Look Jesus in the word of God said & I Quote obey the laws of the Land when you take it on yourself to be the Jug & jury that does not fly.   You are Not the Judge or Jury that is up to the courts & on that day we are in heaven it’s up to God not you! & like I said Jesus says obey the law of the Land that means everyone who is Christian’s need to respect Gods law & the Law on earth.

Isaiah 26; 3

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trust in you

If we are of the lord we need to trust the lord let me say this I give no credit to the TV News because thy give us lies one of the sisters who lost a brother said one thing but the news cut it out & in sighted others to riot that is wrong this world need to stop & find a way to unite as one under God.

Romans 8-6

The mind controlled by the spirit is life and peace.

So let me sum it up those who do not know Christ do not know peace.

Proverbs 16-7

When a man’s ways are pleasing to the lord, he makes his enemies live at peace with him

So let me ask you this question why can we not live in peace why can’t we live in harmony why can’t we live in peace this question is for you we can’t solve anything if you our protesting or rioting that is not the Answer & you know That yes you got the right to free speech but you don’t have the right to ignorance.

Mathew 5-9

Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the son of God.

Those who serve like military fire police they are called to be peacemakers they are appointed to serve & give & to protect you so what we are seeing in this world the violence the riots the hate Needs to Stop & Stop Now. We need to focus on a better world unity & a better way of doing things look we are grown-ups but it’s the grown up that are acting like children God is there for us yes but he also gave us common since so let’s use it.


Rev Jerry L Williams

FYI Heart to Heart Ministry will be in the times herald in the next 2 weeks an article on Big Heart & the new Ministry’s