Everyone is called to serve or be Disciples. Yes that means you, now Jesus is the son of God He had disciples Follow Him ,Who did Jesus Learn from Where did his teachings come from God & Jesus passed it on to the All who followed Him .


John 12:26

Jesus said whoever serves me must follow me and where I am my servant also will be my father will honor the one who serves.


When the Lord ask me to follow Him & Start Heart 2 Heart I did have second thoughts unto Jesus showed me it was for Him Not Me & that’s what some do not get that when god calls you, that’s a privilege & here is the thing He calls those who want to serve because he knows the Hearts & what it takes to be a Disciple   & faithful & Obedient. Here is the one thing Jesus Can Hire you He also can fire you. Its needs to be about Him.


Mathew 16; 24; 25

Jesus said to His disciples if anyone would come after me he must deny himself and take up the cross and follow me for whoever wants to save his life will lose it but whoever loses his life for me will find it.


I will be Honest & this goes out to some Pastors who do it for the wrong reason the prosperity of Money Big House Cars & when you do that. Note Jesus can replace you. I seen it happen for the Work of God is for the Lords Purpose only to save the Sinners & take them to eternal life if you are doing it for any other Reason than for the Glory of God that is Wrong And God  will Call you Out!!


John 8:12

When Jesus Spoke again to the people He said I am the Light of the world whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.

Jesus Said whoever follows me.


Ministry’s churches missions it is about Jesus we just celebrated Resurrection Day where Jesus Gave all on the Cross, Now if you read the word of God. You know in Mathew where it says he went into the Temple what did he do when He  Seen those who had things  for sale in his house ?


He pushed the Tables over Why? Because it is a place of worship not a place of Profit.


I Don t want you to misunderstand but let’s take a look at Mega Churches with Sub Shops Coffee Shop’s Book Stores Look they hated Jesus for speaking the truth & that is all I doing speaking truth . Are we going to Church for the Word of God or the pleasure of life think about it if Jesus Stood in front of you He says  the same thing, to you it might be better you take what He says under advisement .


Job: 38:11

If they Obey Him and serve Him they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity and there years in contentment


Now let me say it Again it’s about Jesus! the Word prosperity in the Lord yes Ministry’s & churches have bills but be wise on How you Grow And Go to the Lord for He Does take care of your needs & Ministry’s needs Understand what Discipleship means what following Jesus Means Look there is and you  will be accountable for everything we Do. You as a person No Matter what you do if its serving as a politician or serving for someone safety or being a Pastor or Minister you are held to a higher standard to Jesus and you should never forget that So if you are following Jesus and you are called to be a disciple give it your all Jesus Gave His all to You!

Rev Jerry lee Williams



I want to give you a scenario. You’re 22 years old – it’s already attractive to many of you isn’t it? You do well at school and head off to Uni. You work hard and do so well that even before you finish your uni course you land a plum job in a merchant bank. You work hard in your new job and life is looking pretty good. One day your boss calls you into the office and greets you with the words, “We’ve decided to terminate your employment. Your work isn’t good enough, you’re a bit too different and you don’t fit in with the others.”

That’s what happened to a young Australian by the name of Brett Kelly. Brett’s world came tumbling in on him. This was the first time in his life anything had gone really wrong. He lost his confidence in himself, lost all sense of purpose and direction, and slipped into a routine of getting up late, watching the Midday show and wasting the afternoon.

Then one day Kerrie Ann Kennerly turned Brett’s life around. Sitting there day after day watching the Midday show Brett noticed Kerrie Ann’s passion for her job, the way she so obviously enjoyed what she was doing, and gained so much energy from it. “That’s what I want” he said to himself – “that type of energy, that type of passion.” But how? Where could he find it? How could he learn to have that type of success?

He had no answers but he figured people who were successful in their chosen career probably did. So he made up a list of prominent people he admired – from rock stars like Peter Garrett, to political leaders like Bob Hawke and Jeff Kennett, to entertainers like HG Nelson. The idea was to interview them, discover their secrets, then publish the interviews in a book. When he got through all his interviews Brett was startled at what he learned about success. Brett had always thought that success in work and life would come from skill and talent and so he had chased qualifications, skills, and experience. What he found was that the one thing all the people he interviewed shared was the ability to build high quality relationships.

You want to know the title of his book? Collective Wisdom.


Rev. Miller