I wanted to talk about John & Revelations & Most of what you see on TV or the world was once Said now let’s point out one thing all the apostles & Dispels where crucified all but one whose is that one ? Now they tried 3 times but he died of old age & that is why I will be speaking about Revelations & then you will understand what you’re seeing in the World.

Out of all the apostles of Jesus, John was the Son of Zebedee, understood Jesus message better than any of the other 12 apostles, towards the End of john’s life He was imprisoned on the island of Patmos where he wrote a book of revelation.

Now I want you to understand the other apostles or dispels where crucified that is right that is why we need   to read closely to the word of God and then understand why John was the only one left, I see that Jesus wanted him to put revelations together so YOU understand.  let me get back to Revelations & what is also known as the apocalypse  it is known as the End of prophecy that many fear .but do you know the most Apocalypse of events occurs in one’s life…. a wedding. That word comes from the Greek which comes from two root words; APO now it speaks about the revealing. What is the revealing? Or as I say what is to come? Now I said in this in parts so you get a better understanding I also ask you to Read Revelations.! So the Apocalypse what does that mean? Again think what is to come in Revelations it says removing the vial, now this is where if you are not born again or Christian it gets confusing that’s why one of the things God ask you to do is read the word of God. Back to the word here now there is another connection at the end of Revelation it talks about the Bride & Bridegroom who are they not here on earth bride or groom but there talking about you being the Bride. Jesus the groom Now the Bride and Groom after a long separation ,Now both stand face to face the bride lifts the vial from the face No remember John says the Bride is Who & the Groom is Who?___________? , In geneses when the curse began we see in revaluation it is written there shall be no more Curses. In geneses death began in revelation there is No more death, in geneses the tree of life is taken away from man and disperses in Revelation the tree of life re appears.

GOD Himself becomes the light & in genesis God becomes the light & in revelation he creates a new Heaven & new earth.

I can put more of what the word shows us or you can pick up the Bible the word & understand. What is being said?

Now why am I saying all this because from genesis to revelation to the beginning to the End, All what you see that is on this earth will be Gone for God said I will what ____? Create a New Heaven & earth; I also want you to look at today’s world many say the Earth will in 2000 or tomorrow but only Jesus knows the day & hour that he will return! now if you are coming to the wedding as I explained Then now come before him &remove your vial then you must now come ever before for him just as john did  He walked with Jesus in his earthly ministry learn the secret as the day of the wedding & even Now. So if you picked up the word then you know if you go from the front to the back you know there are many books in the good word I love to read over Moses Paul Why those to Heard Gods word Moses at the beginning Paul After Jesus paying the Price but John was the one that was in that Cave knowing that the presents of God was sitting there helping him right the last part of the Great Book Now I had said OPEN your Eyes at the Top Right Why? Because look around you everything that is written was written is coming true! And Shame on Me if I can’t Spread & say the Very things that are written or said by  God, Jesus, Dispels, apostles ,   the world as you see it or know it is in turmoil its turning upside down , those who know me say you do not sugar coat it No I Don’t why it’s the Truth I already got a lot to of bad in my life to bring  to the Judge when I go to Great Gates  & no warning you About what is coming is something that I want to say to God I did as you said I warned who I could  Then as God did to His Son Jesus will turn to me say Well Job faithful one  There is one way & everyone knows that way to the Father & that through his Son now it’s up to You I knew seeing the hatred the hurt the killings on TV I need to put something together & you are Welcome to respond but I rather share Good news then keep sharing bad news  I End with this what is going on is not a TV Show what you see now in other country’s is real ! Like I said you have a chose you can keep your eyes shut or Open them up.

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