This is going to be hard for me but I will try to explain the deference between Christianity &what man made religion. Now, I want to speak about   Cults  of the world today those who are old know you  the days of Grape Juice or late 70 in a different country &  in Texas by David Karesh I can Go om & On even when the year of 2000. Where everyone thought the end was ending .the question that may ask is the following if god is love where is Hell? To answer this you need to go to the Bible in the book of Jeremiah, why was this impotent? The answer is it was in the valley of Hinnom that those of Israel, Now why was this important? The answer is that it was in the valley of Hinnnom that those of Israel who had turned away from God would sacrifice their children in the fire  to the  foreign Gods of Ball And Molec so that the valley Hinnom was a place   evil of bloodshed and fire, And some want the sin to go On,

Now if you read the word if you read the bible you will see from geniuses to Revelations Why What & How.

Now you are saying Jerry what does that have anything to with that OK one reason a cult is what? A Group right not overseen by Gad but by sin, And what did some in the groups try to do take over Say there Jesus Say there God No one God he built he can take it away.

I want you to read the word I want do all the work for you that you have a better understanding, Now let’s go back at the top of the book & kings try to be the Gods right point in hand game of thrown s right so if you look at Today’s world & you Read you can see what it means by cults Also think about the word from the beginning to the end Right ??. Now why am I saying this I want you to understand the deterrence between Christianity & Cults look up Jeremiah 32;36 & you will understand it more, that why the Book was wrote if you can’t drive get your shoes  on.

When the messiah spoke of hell he would often refer to Gehenna do you know why?  They of Gehenna man’s valley of Hinnom the valley was an earthly revaluation and what does this Reveal? Did it represent the heart of God or Man Now are.   Are you getting it that’s why I felt trying to put in a manner that may help your growth with God Now let’s talk about it? NOW Cults you look at the many today I won’t say any of them in risk of Law suits with these organizations, Look let me put it this way there is God the Beginning and there is Satan the End witch one day God & count my words Satan will fall so far in the pits of Hell there is no rescue for Satan god is the true master the, see that’s the reason the word is written now I a lot of time I get others ask why this? why that why did  God Do that but God Did not Satan Greed  & Men and those who follow wicked men  so  I will end with a verse I want you to read that Why because we Do not Grow unless we have great Teachers. So would the lord destroy the God of Baal and hell? If he could? He would destroyed its power if he could he would destroy his power God is the true master then and Now for every one that does not know god you are in the land of Baal for every one that receives Jesus you are with God see Revelation was No joke in what it says


1 Corinthians 1 moreover brethren I declare to you unto the gospel I declare unto the gospel that I preach unto you witch unto you witch you have received wherein you stand,

there are so many false prophets there are some leaders that don’t understand that there are disgracing Jesus yes if you look at the time Jim Jones had every one drink the juice it was because he was now obeying Gods teachings or laws  Look at David Kesh And many more you just don’t know these cults are out there right now there may be one down the street from you but don’t follow Cults,   the kings back in the days of Abraham or Moses they were learders of a cult you may not see that but.

 I say that religion & don’t take it the wrong way but they are man mad and have rules that you Follow I got one be a servant for Jesus ,   Find Christ go to your local house of worship. If you feel there teachings are wrong then go to one that Teaches  the  right way to Christ,  look it is Pastors Job to lead & Teach the Right way we were called by Jesus to serve but to be obedient in doing so look there is this actress who is calling out a so called church but there not You know she is doing the right thing by pulling the cur-tan on him she once was in that group but seen that they were caroling and keeping some again  there will Look beware of those Groups. I wish I can put more but to talk about these false groups I need time to write a Book  Satan wants you to follow those Types of places but Don’t for if you do you have a place , I spoke about that actress who is revealing The Wrongs of that organization is there Wrong Yes is there False leading yes  So Beware of Satan trying to pull you in. look am being Real here yes you can send bad emails that’s OK that means am getting under your skin and when someone cannot except it then Satan is scared     Look I want you to get it so Read the Word that is the only way you will get it

Rev. Jerry Lee Williams

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