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A Hospice, Nursing home and Hospital Ministry Serving SE Michigan, NW Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois!!



What does discipleship mean to you and are you working for The Lord?

Everyone is called to serve or be Disciples. Yes that means you, now Jesus is the son of God He had disciples Follow Him ,Who did Jesus Learn from Where did his teachings come from God & Jesus passed it... Continue Reading →

H2H Lifeline~ This life is not what it once was

I wanted to speak about Courage & the reason, I want to do that is because in the last few years this country & world has became more of a soap Oprah but in this life with uncertainty where do... Continue Reading →

Where is the True Church? It’s in the Heart

Welcome to October’s Heartbeat lifeline news letter. We had talked about many changes in 2017 but we will be working out all the problems before that, it is a shock we are already in October the leafs will change &... Continue Reading →

In Today’s World Prayer is vital not only for our walk but our survival

When you think about the world or things going on in the world you got to pray look at the world you need to pray take a good look what’s going on it does hurt to see bad things on... Continue Reading →

God’s Grace Power and Glory Welcome 2016

As you know this year it is about God’s Grace Power & Glory & why we are to serve & be obedient in our walk with Him So the title & lessons in the newsletter are focusing on those four... Continue Reading →

Congratulations to Pastor Miller

  I had first got to meet Pastor Miller in 2006 in the small city of Chelsea, MI and had become very good friend of mine . When I felt Jesus asked me to ask him to help & join the ministry after... Continue Reading →

Heal me oh Lord!!! That is all you need to Say …

And it will be given to you!! In our walk we all hit some wall we all have trials we all have sickness but spiritually if you do not lay it at the feet of Jesus How will he put... Continue Reading →

Whatever happened to Honesty In today’s World?

I myself wonder where did honesty go in today’s world with the government with those who do not think twice when they are doing wrong where Honesty Go did? Through this newsletter we will talk about Honesty   Leviticus 19:11... Continue Reading →

Who are you worshiping? True Worship Belongs to God

Exodus 34:8 Moses immediately fell to the ground and worshiped. Why did Moses drop to his knees to worship the lord he knew God had called him to serve?  This means all need to Drop to our knees and Worship... Continue Reading →

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