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A Hospice, Nursing home and Hospital Ministry Serving SE Michigan, NW Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois!!


~Pastor’s Thoughts

God’s Grace Power and Glory Welcome 2016

As you know this year it is about God’s Grace Power & Glory & why we are to serve & be obedient in our walk with Him So the title & lessons in the newsletter are focusing on those four... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Jesus Celebrating Life…

We all should know the story of the lord being Born on this earth for our sins and we all should of read the verse that leads to us getting the privilege of having eternal life. I would like everyone... Continue Reading →

The Power of Prayer

The Power of prayer Praying for the Time & Season   Let me start by asking some questions Why is it important for us to pray? How many times do you pray? Do you pray more than once? Do you... Continue Reading →

Loving God and taking it to another level in your Spiritual Life With those you love and yourselves…

Love what is love is it just a word is it just something we do or is love something God is teaching us What is love through October’s newsletter we are not only going to talk about love with God... Continue Reading →

We All Need Strength in our everyday lives and God is there to give it to us

Daniel 10; 19 And he said, ''O man greatly beloved, fear not! Peace be to you; be strong, yes, be strong! So when he speaks to me I was strengthened, and said, ''Let my Lord speak, for you have strengthened... Continue Reading →

Scriptures are Vital to your Christian Walk And vital for the growth of any ministry

Scriptures are Vital to your Christian Walk And vital for the growth of any ministry   We here at Heart to heart are in our 11th year and all we do and how far we go is because we Go... Continue Reading →

There is joy in Lord & serving the Lord And as we go forward in His Works we see the Joy

In this ministry we find joy in serving we find joy in preaching we find joy in going out to all the Hospital's & nursing Homes why Because it is His work we our doing  is the Work He Started... Continue Reading →

Heart to Heart was created to show Gods love to others

The Ministry Heart to Heart was created to show Gods love to others Love is not Just a Word but it is our mission As April was a hard month for Me Jesus had to remind me of something it’s not... Continue Reading →

2014 Heart to Hearts Next Journey: Faith Forward

I Want to start out by saying we had a year of Joy celebrating all year our tenth year of our ministry but God put it on my Heart what What journey we our going on next that journey is Faith... Continue Reading →

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