Heart to Heart Ministry’s is looking for Help From other Ministries or Churches
To Help us keep Going to Help us fund are Work to Help Stay on the Journey Jesus Put us on ,

We have been a Ministry for 8 years we Started out in 2000 as a visiting team to Nursing Homes and became a Ministry in 2003  in the past 7 Years we had been Running only by are Faith,

 we had a few partners in the pass few years but only a few we have a church here in melvindale who Helps us every 3 months and attorney in Michigan who also Helps us and a Nurse who lives in Alabama those are the ministry’s only type of support at this time and we Greatly Thank Jesus for there Help

We also Have a web sight Guy who Donates his Time for the Ministry and the web sight every thing you see on this sight is done because he donates his time and work to the ministry he and all those who ether support the ministry with there time or there Funds Believe in what we are doing and where we are going

As Pastor of this Ministry i Find it hard to Help many out there Elderly Sick or cancer stricken with Medicen , Bills, Food, Medical Bills, or even Wheel Chairs ,Walkers ,or Scooters ,
And even Though some times We do not Have it in the Ministry i would find a way to get it if it be to sale something that belong to me like my Motor Cycle or just something that was dear to me i would take it and sale it to Provide for the needs that where asked of this ministry .

Heart to Heart was Founded by two people who had Big Hearts and would give of there time & Money the Ministry was Founded by a Lady Named Lee Hamby in her 80 and Jerry Lee Williams in his 40 who new there was not only a need in spending time with the elderly and sick but Helping them with there  Needs Lee went to be with Jesus in 2008 and Pastor Williams is Still keeping Lees Wishes Alive and the Ministry’s still going to this Day

It is now 2010 and Rev williams has been dealing with very low funding but the Needs for the Elderly and sick Have been Needed More Now then Ever with the Economy as bad as it is ,

the Elderly are uncertain  of what is to come, the elderly and sick have a lot of Pride and will not ask for anything but Pastor knows there Needs and will do his Best to Help as much as the ministry allows Him  to do so

In the past 10 years of us being on this Journey With Jesus i never had to plea for help  But I’m finding it time To make a PLEA to Churches and Ministry’s to Partner with us as we keep going on a journey with Jesus

We Believe in what Jesus is doing with Heart to Heart and all those who we Help  we are making this Plea with All Churches ministry we do not Mind at all  if you a Catholic Churches Baptist Methodist i do not care or does Jesus care what Denomination You are! we as a Ministry are non Denomination We help all as Jesus Did!!

So here’s what we are Asking ministries and Churches to become a Partner with us we are like a mission we take the Nursing Homes and Hospitals ministry to Heart we are Asking you TO HELP US HELP OTHERS!

We have learned the needs are bigger then ever we have leanrd the sick and elderly are doing with out,
the one thing that i promise is that we will not Take as long as Medicaid does to meat your needs  in the pass few months we helped Many that are in a Battle with stag 4 cancer and there life may be short so why Not make it Easier for them as there Fighting there Battle

So Please if you Want to Help Call us or wright to us ! if you are a Ministry or Church or even Catholics and you want to become a Partner with us Call Pastor Williams to so that he can meet with you and tell you more
We are going to send out updates on are Progres for churches and ministry’s we will be doing a video to help you see what we are doing and where we are Going

Be like Jesus and Do as he Did Help those in Need Go out to them as he did Heal the sick Give to the POOR
Go out to others As Jesus Did

We at Heart to Heart Want to do the Same as are Father Did When he was on this earth

God Bless you and we Here at Heart to Heart Hope you can Help us on the Journey

Rev Jerry Lee Williams