In Dedication Of our

Fallen Hero’s

Fallen Heros

The men and women that serve for you on a daily basis
They are Police Officers and Fire Personnel, Military and many more

Every day they wake up with out knowing what there outcome may be at the end of the day

but they go to work with one thing on their mind and that’s

Protecting …YOU…

As a Commander in the Community Emergency Response Team,

International Critical Incident Stress Team, and

Captain of International Police Chaplains, and

Allen Park Michigan Chaplains, and

As a Minister and a Chaplain I know what it feels like to loose a loved one.

Most that serve and protect do not get as much pay as you may think but yet every

day they put on there badges head to the Police or Fire Department to make sure you are safe in this world

My thanks go out to them and my heart goes out to them they Serve us

to protect us with out knowing the outcome of this day

In the City I’m a Chaplain of, I had made many friends with these Officers and pray for

them daily for their safety and security.



Savage, 63, co-anchored Fox 2 News Weekends and produced Michigan’s Most Wanted segments. He earned an EMMY in 2004 for his reporting during a shooting at the Detroit fireworks show, his biography states.

Off the air, the Detroit native was a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician with the Milford Fire Department and volunteered for Crime Stoppers, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Autism Society of Michigan, the American Lung Association and the Humane Society, according to his biography.

Savage’s colleagues and peers expressed their sadness at his death, and shared stories about the impact he had on their lives and the news in Detroit.

February 25th, 2017



Police Officer Collin Rose succumbed to gunshot wound sustained the previous day while

questioning a suspicious person near the university’s downtown campus.

Officer Rose was in an area that had experienced numerous thefts from vehicles the previous day. He informed dispatchers that he was making contact with a suspicious person in front of 3650 Lincoln Street. During the encounter Officer Rose attempted to detain the man but the subject suddenly pulled out a gun and shot him in the head.

The subject fled the scene but was arrested later in the night.

Officer Rose had served with the Wayne State University Police Department for 5-1/2 years and served as a canine officer with the agency. He had previously served with the Richland Police Department. He is survived by his fiancee.

Officer Rose was a member of Police Unity Tour.




Police Officer Myron Jarrett was struck and killed at approximately 10:30 pm by a hit-and-run

driver while assisting other officers during a traffic stop near the intersection of Puritan Avenue and Monica Street.

Officer Jarrett was re-entering his patrol car as he and his partner were preparing to leave the scene.

A van traveling at a high rate of speed struck Officer Jarrett, his patrol car, and several other vehicles

before stopping a short distance away. The male driver and a female passenger

then both fled on foot. The driver was arrested at a bus stop several hours later.

The other officer in the patrol car suffered minor injuries.

Officer Jarrett had served with the Detroit Police Department and was assigned to the 12th Precinct.



Robert Ball was shot at the party that he was helping host in Northwest Detroit at around 2:30 a.m. on August 28 in the area of Teppert St. and 7 Mile Rd.

Ball was shot in the chest and stomach and rushed to St. John’s Hospital in critical condition after having surgery.

Investigators say Ball had been a member of the Highland Park police reserve for seven years. The unit is comprised of civilians trained to help out police during various events.

The shooting is believed to have been the result of some type of altercation that did not involve Ball. He was an innocent bystander.



*Shot and Killed In The Line Of Duty*
Rest In Peace Sergeant Kenneth Steil
Detroit Police Department, Michigan
End Of Watch: 09-17-16
Sgt. Ken Steil, 45, succumbed to gunshot wound sustained while in foot pursuit of violent wanted suspect five days prior(details below). Born with a soul that has Courage to wear the Badge, Sergeant Steil had been Saving, Serving, and Protecting the People of Detroit as a Law Enforcement Officer for more than 17 years.

Brother Ken answered his call to serve, following in the footsteps of his Uncle, who retire as a Detroit Police Sergeant. Sgt. Steil, aka “Shark”, was assigned to the 9th Precinct and assigned to the Special Operations Team, as well as the Underwater Recovery Unit.

Sgt. Steil was incredibly respected and well-loved, not only by his fellow Officers, but by the community as well. He was a decorated Lawman who treated all fairly, but did not back down from a fight when he knew rights were being wronged, even when fighting the politics. He was a man of Integrity and of Honor.

Brother Ken was also a devoted and loving Husband and Father.


When Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan asked Sgt Steil why he does it, Brother Ken replied “The shootings in Detroit have been cut in half because the Men and Women of this Department are out there every day and night, running after the bad guys who have guns, and we are getting them. I have never been prouder of being a Detroit Police Officer.”

Sgt. Steil as a leader who led from the front, always out there with his Officers, never expecting from them what he was not himself willing to do. While recovering in the hospital, Brother Ken said several times, to family and to his team, “I am glad I took the round, because I would not have wanted any of you to take it”

Detroit Police Chief James E. Craig said “Sgt. Steil’s team relentlessly went after this violent suspect and did not stop until he was found.” He also calls Brother Ken “A True American Hero”

On Friday evening, Sgt. Steil wrote a beautiful letter addressing the Men and Women of the Detroit PD, as well as the citizens of Detroit for their love and prayers that have been coming in non-stop since the shooting. In the letter, he wrote, in part “To be the recipient of so much love and support is truly a humbling experience. I have never been prouder to be a member of the Detroit police department. All of the support has made a huge difference in keeping my mind off the pain and keeping my spirits up.”

Ken’s 5 year old son even made a “Welcome Home” sign and hung it outside their house, waiting for his daddy to come home.


Courageous and Compassionate, Fearless and Fair, this Brave and Benevolent Son, Husband, Father, and Brother of Blue simply wanted to make a difference in his small corner of the world. May we take a part of Brother Ken’s legacy with us when we enter into our daily arenas while continuing to create our own. May we vow to carry on the watch with the same Honor, Integrity, and Service as this True Blue served. May we always remember Sergeant Kenneth Steil -S54 9th Precinct – for how he Lived As Only A Hero Could.

May we never forget how his life was taken while trying to protect the People of Detroit.


kevin miller SGT

End of Watch: 6-29-16

Sgt. Kevin Miller, a 29-year-veteran, was a member of the 11th Precinct

and had been part of several units in his career, police said in a brief statement.

Though police did not release the cause, a department spokeswoman,

Officer Shanelle Williams, said that Miller was not injured or killed.

“Certainly, this is an unforeseen tragedy and our hearts are grieved,” the statement said.

“The Detroit Police Department extends our deepest sympathy to his family and ask that you would keep us all in your prayers.”



End of Watch: 5-31-2016

Deputy Sheriff Michael Winter succumbed to injuries sustained the previous day when he was thrown

from his horse while on a special detail at the Memorial Day Parade along West Chicago Street in Quincy, Michigan.

He suffered a severe head injury when something spooked the horse near the intersection of West Chicago Street and West Street, causing it to buck and throw him. He was flown to a hospital in Indiana where he was taken off of life support the following day so his organs could be donated.

Deputy Winter was a U.S. Navy veteran and had served with the Branch County Sheriff’s Office for five years. He is survived by his wife and two daughters.



Tragedy has hit the Detroit Fire Department twice in less than 24 hours.

On Thursday, Sgt. Vince Smith, 49, was found dead in a recliner in the fire station. His bible and glasses sat on a nearby table.

Friday afternoon, Capt. Walter Szelag collapsed with an apparent heart attack while working on a fire boat.



Smith served the city of Detroit, spending many nights away from his wife and five sons, often sleeping fire houses, ready to put his life on the line for strangers at a moment’s notice.

“The vulnerability of life and the stresses of this job and the toll it takes on our bodies and on our spirit,” said Kirschner, “It’s difficult.”

His friends, who called him Vinny, didn’t think anything of it when he turned in early for the night Wednesday, not feeling well. He was found the next morning in his recliner, his bible and glasses next to him on the table.

Sgt. Vince Smith, a 24-year veteran with Detroit Fire died in his sleep at Engine 48, on Fort St near Marathon Oil refinery.

Smith was assigned to DFD Ladder 13 but he was pulling a duty shift overnight at Engine 48.

“He had a special way that he saw life,” said Battalion Chief Steve Kirschner. “And it was catchy to people around him.”

Smith’s smile was contagious. At an often thankless job, he kept his buddies’ spirits up, anyway he could.

“He jumped off the fire truck threw off his coat in the middle of the street and started singing at the top

of his lungs,” Kirschner said. “We all just broke out laughing. But that was his personality.”


dennis rodeman firefighter lansing_1442403572728_211285_ver1.0_640_360

 Dennis Eber Rodeman, 35, of Owosso, Michigan passed away Wednesday, September 9, 2015.

Dennis was a distinguished Veteran, serving with the United States Marine Corps. He was a

well respected and dedicated Firefighter and EMT. He began his career as a volunteer Firefighter

with the Vermontville Fire Department and for the last 7 years has dedicated his service to the City of Lansing Fire Department. –



Detroit Police Department, Michigan
Senior Mounted Patrol Sergeant Joseph Abdella
End Of Watch: 08-14-15
Senior Police Sgt. Joe Abdella, 49, suffered a fatal heart attack while in performance of his sworn

duty . Born with a soul that has Courage to wear the Badge, Sgt. Abdella had

been Saving, Serving, and Protecting the People of Detroit for 21 distinguished years with

Honor, Integrity, Dignity, and with Valor. Brother Joe, “aka Capone”, was a true

leader, never asking of those in his charge to do what he was not willing to do himself.



Trooper Chad Wolf

was killed when his motorcycle was struck by a vehicle.

Trooper Wolf was on motorcycle patrol and traveling northbound in the right lane of Dixie Highway

and crossing over southbound I-75 when a vehicle towing an empty trailer traveling in the left lane

quickly changed lanes in an attempt to access the I-75 entrance ramp. As the vehicle changed lanes,

it struck Trooper Wolf’s motorcycle. Trooper Wolf was dragged for several miles on I-75 before the driver

pulled over at a rest area. The driver of the vehicle that struck Trooper

Wolf cooperated with the investigation and was released without charges.

Trooper Wolf served with the Michigan State Police for seven years. He is survived by his wife and four children.


Arthur A. “Skipper” Green III

Michigan Conservation Officer

Arthur Skipper

39 Years of selfless service – Rest In Peace

Michigan DNR – Law Enforcement Division -USAF/MI-ANG –

Member of the Tuskegee Airmen – First Lieutenant Arthur A. “Skipper” Green III –

End Of Watch: 08-09-2015 (1st of 4 to be posted today) – F/LT Arthur Green, 58,

was killed In The Line Of Duty when his plane crashed on landing (details below).

Born with a soul that has Courage to wear the Badge, F/LT Green had been

Saving, Serving, and Protecting the People of Michigan for 29 years

but his call to serve our beloved country and her people began years earlier.


Harper Woods Police Officer

Ronnie Karjom


CHESTERFIELD MI – The 46-year-old officer was off duty when the accident occurred on

Gratiot Avenue south of 21 Mile Road. The officer was identified as Ronnie Karjom,

of Macomb Township, died after the motorcycle he was riding collided with

an automobile driven by a 21-year-old man from Chesterfield Township.


Southfield, MI Fire Chief

Kieth Rowley


Rowley began his career with the Southfield Fire Department

in 1979 and became its chief in 2012.

He’s survived by his wife, Mary, had two children, Kyle and Alyssa.

“Keith made all of our lives better for simply knowing him,”

his obituary says. “Let’s share this part of us now with everyone we meet, just as he did.”


Deputy Sheriff

Grant William Whitaker

Ingham County Sheriff’s Office, Michigan

End of Watch: Sunday, December 7, 2014


Deputy Sheriff Grant Whitaker was killed in a vehicle crash during a pursuit on Dexter Trail, one mile east of Route 52, at approximately 2:00 am.

Deputy Whitaker’s patrol car left the roadway and struck a tree during the pursuit, causing him to suffer fatal injuries.

The vehicle he was pursuing continued to flee and the driver remains at large.

Deputy Whitaker had served with the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office for 1-1/2 years and had previously served with the Stockbridge Police Department.


anna barton

06/12/2014- Detroit, MI  police officer Anna Hamilton Barton was a 16 year veteran

for the Detroit Police Department.  She suffered Multiple gunshot wounds

and her death was ruled a Homicide.  It’s not how she died but what she

did and how she lived her life and served the public.



Correctional Officer Chad Charles suffered a fatal heart attack while

participating in a quarterly training exercise with the agency’s

Emergency Response Team at Camp Grayling.

He collapsed during a building clearing scenario. Other members

of the ERT team performed CPR until he was transported to a

local hospital, where he passed away.

Officer Charles had served with the Michigan Department

of Corrections for nine years and was assigned to the

Muskegon Correctional Facility.



Moses Vegh, of San Clemente, California, and formerly of Findlay, Ohio went
peacefully to be with His Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ on January 25, 2014.
He will be missed by family and friends around the world.


 After a lengthy investigation, the evidence gathered to date suggests that Officer Hill’s wounds were likely the result of friendly fire,” said Chief Craig.

Patrick Hill was shot in the line of duty earlier this year and died Saturday.

Officer Patrick Hill was one of two DPD officers shot back in April during a shootout with a murder suspect on the city’s west side.

The other officer was hit in the leg, but Hill was shot in the head and remained in critical condition for the last 6 months.

Hill leaves behind a wife and four children, ages 3-to-16. Funeral arrangements are pending.



It has only been Six Days Since I put a state Troopers

Name in the Fallen Heroes page

once again it saddens me to Add Another name to the Fallen Hero Page


Detroit Police officer Rodney Jones


Was in training at the State Police Training Headquarters And Died as he was Doing Motor Cycle Practice

Here at H2H and Chaplain Core our Hearts Go out to his Wife and kids

Again these Men & Women Give their lives for you & Me.

When you see an officer Fire person Dr Nurse even a chaplain say thank you, for one day they will give their life for You.

A 28-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department

Officer Rodney Jones was49

Officer Jones is survived by his wife and children.



Once Again We have lost a Fallen Hero

Trooper Paul Butterflied of the Michigan State Police

Was shot around 7pm at a traffic Stop in Mason County.

He later Passed that night.

September 9/9/13

He was 43 at the time of Monday’s fatal shooting, and he had

worked at the Manistee State Police post before he was transferred

to the Hart Post. He was a “phenomenal runner” and truly dedicated to his job.

He was a U.S. Army Veteran as well and highly respected.


Officer Patrick Wisniewski
 M,P at Selfrige National guard base in Michigan
Also Reserved Officer at New Baltimore police Department
Officer Wisniewski  Was Killed as He was heading Home From Work on His Motor Cycle Killed By a Drunk Driver
He leaves a Wife and Kids 
 We here at Heart to Heart Salute these Men and Women Who Serve on the Police Departments Fire Departments  and Police Chaplains Core and Rescue Squads Another Faith-full Servants is added to the Great Book in Heaven

1 Firefighter in 2013…


Brian Woehlke a 29-year-old Dearborn residen

We not only show when a fallen officer passes but we honor today a fallen Fireman.

Brian Woehlke, a 29-year-old Dearborn resident, died in a fire at a shopping center in Westland on Wednesday.

2 Officers in 2012….


Allen Park Police chaplain Core Has Lost one  of its own. Pastor Prouty had

worked with 4 other Chaplains. Pastor Prouty also Loved Serving the lord Jesus in any Way

I Rev J, L Williams Had the Honer to work Side by Side with Pastor Prouty.

We as a team & Pastors will Not forget are Loving Friend Pastor& Chaplain.

Prouty, Rev. Albert I. November 7, 2012. Age 74 of Taylor.

Beloved husband of Mary Louise. Rev. Prouty served 48 years as a Lutheran Minister.

He was the Pastor with Mt. Hope Lutheran Church for 25 years. After retiring he served

as interim pastor for the last 11 years. He was also an Allen Park Police Chaplin.


Police Officer Patrick O’Rourke was shot and killed while making entry into a home after responding to a domestic dispute and reports of shots fired inside of the house.  Officer O’Rourke was struck by the gunfire and critically wounded. Officer O’Rourke had served with the West Bloomfield Police Department for 12 years. He is survived by his wife and four children.


In Memory of Susan L. Miller

MILLER Susan “Susie” Lynn On Tuesday, July 24, 2012 our Lord and Savior took

Susan “Susie” Lynn Miller by her hand and guided her home after her long battle

with lung cancer with brain mets. She took her last breath at her home

surrounded by her husband, son, and daughter. Susan was born on February 6, 1963.

Susan was Rev. Miller’s Mom.



Another Fine officer Passes Away

its not how they Died its How they live for you& Me!

  February 5-2012 7:42 a.m.

 for Sergeant  Almondo  Greer Traves

Passed away while on duty at age 40

  Other officers did CPR after they tried he shortly passed

 He leaves behind his child hood sweet Heart Stacy who also Serves as Sergeant of the Detroit police

department and both of them where promoted at same time in 2010

Sergeant Traves also leaves Behind 3 kids

 May The Lord Shine His light on Another Fallen Hero

In 2011 We have Lost 7 Police officers


*************Walker Police Department, Michigan*************

Police Officer Trevor Slot was struck and killed by a bank robbery

suspect while attempting to deploy stop sticks on

I-96 at 8th Avenue on October 13, 2011.

Officer Slot had served with the Walker Police Department

for nine years. He is survived by his wife and family.


********Michigan State Trooper *********
*************Flint Post **************

David stokes Passes Away August 5 2011
David Was 41 Years of Age
Leaves Behind a wife 3 kid’s

David was on Duty when he had a medical Emergency and soon after Passed Away

No Mater How they Died they Lived Serving you & me thy woke up Daily and put

on there uniform’s and went off to work Not knowing if they  will be coming Home!

 It Hits my Heart Every Time i put another Name in the Fallen Heroes

David may Jesus Be with you and may he be with your Family!

 Thank you for your Loyalty to the State police and for Serving for Us
You will be missed

In Life when your walking down the Street you see police officers Firemen or Fire women
or Nurses or Dr or U.S Armed forces

Say thank you to them


No Matter How they Died they Lived Serving for you& Me
A Detroit Police Sergeant Died when he
was off Duty Following a Motorcycle crash
Michael Martel was 42 When he died
Michael was in the Homicide Division
He Died from His injury’s on Sunday July 17
No matter How they Died they Lived to keep you and me safe it
Hits my Heart Every time i put another Name in Fallen
Hero’s Page we Do so that you can Pray for them & there Family 
No Matter how they Died they Served

Detroit Police Homicide Sgt. Michael Martel


********Detroit Police Officer**********

******Charles Armour*******

Passed away from His Injury’s after being in Hospital for a week Recovering

after some one hit him while on duty He was 40 years old

He was with the Department for 16 Years. He Has a 4 year old Little Girl,

a girl Friend, Mother, Father,& Step father

Once again this is the 8 officer in the Past 18 Months that Has Passed Away in the Line of Duty

our hearts Go out to the Armour Family


***It Is their Job to Protect and Serve US,***

**It Is your Job to Pray for their Safety**

Another Officer Killed in the Line of duty

April 18 2011  in Kalmazoo

The percentage of officers killed in the line of duty has gone up to 1.16%

Eric Zapata


Michigan State Police  Officer Killed in the Line of Duty over Night in a Roll over Crash
Jeffrey Werda
No matter How that Died They Served and Gave there Life for you


Officer Larry NeHasil  Was Killed in the Line of Duty he is

with the Livonia Police Department in Michigan he worked for the  Livonia Police Department 28 Years

As a Chaplain in Michigan  and on the Chaplain Core for Allen Park and Friend  with the

Chief and  Many Police officers  in the City’s of Allen Park and Melvindale
It Saddens Me to put Up another Name in he Fallen Heroes

Lord We Ask you to Watch Over the Police and fire every Day

In 2010 We Lost 4 Police officers
a Jackson Police Officer
James Bonneau

Shot in line of Duty on March 9-2010

a Detroit Police  Officer
Brian Huff

Died may 5 left a wife and son

and just Last Week we lost

Cpl Mathew Edwards of the Taylor Police department

Who was Shot and killed in the Line of duty Friday July 23 Had Wife and 2 Kids

a Taylor Police  Officer
Lt, Dan Kromer

Auxiliary Police Officer Killed in the line of duty on I94 and Telegraph

Had a wife 1 son and step Daughter


In the past year I have been told in 2010 there has been 42% of Police officers killed

in the line of duty more then last year a lone in the USA .

In Michigan this Year we Lost 3

The last time was a few years ago

So when you see a Police Officer or Fire Personal or someone in

military or Dr, Or Nurse or Even your Ministers or Chaplains
,,,, Thank you to them,,,

They do this for you
They Have Family’s Loved ones and every day they Risk it for you

I my Self Want to Thank all Those Who Serve and Protect us and Keep Us Safe


This page in Memory of the Fallen Hero’s


This is a message from pastor Williams and the staff of Heart to Heart Ministry