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A Hospice, Nursing home and Hospital Ministry Serving SE Michigan, NW Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois!!

In Today’s world we need Courage from God .

Look we are in the year 2016 have you seen the world today have you seen what is going on do you see the crimes do you see what others are going through seeing what is going on in the... Continue Reading →

In the world today you need Strength And only God can provide that!

This year we are focusing on god’s grace & glory all year so we will be talking about many things to build are faith in are lord the one thing in this world is we need strength have you Not... Continue Reading →

Serving the Lord or a Ministry Takes Love and passion

I wanted to talk this month about why it takes Love to serve why it takes love to Lead & Be a Pastor in the many years that I been in this ministry I did it because I was called... Continue Reading →

God’s Grace Power and Glory Welcome 2016

As you know this year it is about God’s Grace Power & Glory & why we are to serve & be obedient in our walk with Him So the title & lessons in the newsletter are focusing on those four... Continue Reading →

The Greatest gift of them all

Well as we leave 2015 & enter 2016 I wanted to speak about Gifts. They come in many ways spiritual, faithful, obedience, healing & I can list the gifts that God has to offer but we do not have that... Continue Reading →

Congratulations to Pastor Miller

  I had first got to meet Pastor Miller in 2006 in the small city of Chelsea, MI and had become very good friend of mine . When I felt Jesus asked me to ask him to help & join the ministry after... Continue Reading →

What does the meaning of church Mean to you?

This month I need to talk about what is the meaning of church is it just a building? Or is it some place you just go to worship? Or is it a place where you go to just when you... Continue Reading →

Heal me oh Lord!!! That is all you need to Say …

And it will be given to you!! In our walk we all hit some wall we all have trials we all have sickness but spiritually if you do not lay it at the feet of Jesus How will he put... Continue Reading →

He Answers All Prayers

Have you seen what going on in today’s world It has changed, many things are going on we are uncertain of what is to come, so what do you do when your concerned you pray for the government your city’s... Continue Reading →

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