Heart of Heaven
Hospice Ministry
Was put together in the past  year to visit those
who are close to going Home with our Lord 
Both Pastor Williams & Pastor Miller know First Hand what it is like to be with someone on the final Days  of their life. Pastor Miller who spent Days with His Mother as she her journey to Heaven. He was By her Side there was nothing he would not give her that is the lady who Gave Pastor Miller life. So he sat by her Side As she passed Away. 
Pastor Williams has Lost His Grandmothers & Father, His Mom & Dad, His uncial & His brother who passed into the Glorious Gates of Heaven.
So both Pastors can tell you what the last moment of someones life is like. 
Both Pastors have been at Hospitals around the clock to help pray & ease the pain when someone leaves this Earth.  There where times Pastors would sit with family for 24 hours to help comfort others in their pain. 
So Heart of Heaven is opening the Doors
to this ministry and we need Volunteers!
If you in Michigan & you have someone who
is on Hospice & needs Prayer Comfort
Please call the Ministry office at 313 932-8834 Ask for Rev. Williams   
Hospice care is 24/7 
This page is in tribute to All who Gone Before us