K 9 Compassionate Care 
with Angela Kessy  
& her service Dog Trooper 
 K 9 Compassionate Care was thought of when we seen the looks of some that are sick or elderly, When a service Dog Comes up to them , & makes there Day Far better just because thy are there.
For right now Compassionate care will only be going to one nursing home on the First Sunday & third Sunday of the month & for right now it will only be at Regency Nursing Home @ 12575 telegraph Road at 4:00 pm on the Forth Floor 
The Board & Pastor will work hard to build this
to a strong ministry & after we Test out regency 
We will start to go to more nursing homes hospitals & Children hospitals
It will be headed by Angela Kessy   one of are board members 
If you would like to volunteer & have a K,9 Service Dog  
Please Contact Angela at her office 313-516-9725 
Our Goal is not only to send out pastors to preach the word but also
send out a  K9  Companion  to help you with daily struggles
Any questions about this New Ministry you Can contact
Rev Jerry Lee Williams at the office 313-932-8834