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The senior Talk Line is started in the beginning of 2016. Founded by Rev. Daniel Miller who has worked with the parent organization

Heart to Heart Ministries I a 501 3c Non Profit for over the past 7+ years. The Ministry works with Hospitals and Nursing homes to not only bring the word of God to those who have been forgotten, Lonely, and Depressed but to provide comfort. Over those 7 years  Rev. Miller noticed time and time again that the people he has met along his journey have been left in the hospitals, Nursing homes or left in a small apartment with absolutely no one to talk to. This is a major problem not only in the State of Michigan, Kentucky, Alabama, and Ohio but all over the world.

We are a small Group of Volunteers who want to see nothing more than the smile on the face of the seniors we come in contact with no matter where we are or how we come in contact. It’s about doing the right thing and being there for those who have no one else.

We are a small Call center planned to have 6 phone lines and a small office based out of Lexington, KY where Pastor Miller Lives and works. Our hours may vary slightly at first based on availability of volunteers and office hours which will be posted. Aside from our call center our web site will have a chat option on it for those who are more technically inclined.

It is with a good heart That we move forward in Taking care of the elderly in our communities.

We may be a small start but it’s the small things that can make a big difference in someone’s life.

For more information, to Sponsor us, Or Volunteer please Visit our website link above.

We are hoping to find an office space soon to Move forward as well as work with other non profits in our areas we serve.